Sky Water

Reflection Plane,  September 25- October 20, 2017 Georgia Southern University Contemporary Gallery, Center for Art and Theatre, Statesboro Georgia

Reflection Plane acknowledges the deep influence our perception of the landscape has on the environment. The paintings depict engineered spaces that mirror the boundaries of sky and water always directing attention back to the surface. 

The works show direct observations framed, snapped, or stopped in action with intact portions of railings, pools, signs, or concrete structures grounding the view.



Painted Landscapes : Contemporary Views, Heritage Museums and Gardens, Sandwich, Massachusetts, April 15 - October 9, 2017 

Painted Landscapes: Contemporary Views features American landscape paintings executed in a variety of media from 49 of the country’s best contemporary painters. The artists use the traditional genre of landscape painting in compelling new ways, addressing contemporary issues of land use, nature appreciation, and ecology through their paintings of the American environment. Each artist featured takes acute notice of the physical world at a time of heightened awareness of the landscape, informed by today’s concerns including climate change, environmental health, conservation and the green movement.

Barrier Island 

REVIEW: Art Pulse 2015

Katherine Taylor: Moving Horizon
By Jason Hoelscher


REVIEW : ArtsATL 2015

Katherine Taylor: Moving Horizon
Marcia Wood Gallery - Midtown, Atlanta Ga.

In Moving Horizon, the works depict the geometry of our changing environment with a deep and shimmering view of landscape. Memory, loss, image and space are all collapsed onto the surface of paintings that represent escape as a swift and slow illusion from city to shore.   The car window frames a rapidly shifting line of sight and the transient structures that organize our roadways.